Service & repair

From a simple tire repair to a complete overhaul, we can service your bike whatever the make or model. Many repairs can be turned around the same day. No appointment needed for a repair or service estimate.

Walk-ins are welcome

Getting ready for a ride and discovered that a tire’s gone flat? Did you hit a pothole and knock your wheel out of true? Sometimes you can’t plan when your bike needs attention. Why not bring it in?

If we can fix it on the spot, we will. And if we need more time, we’ll let you know when to stop by to pick it up. Come in, call or email us soon so we can make that important repair or adjustment and get you back on your bike ASAP.

Services provided


Rear derailleur adjust 

Front derailleur adjust 

Align derailleur hanger 

Install chain 

Bottom bracket adjust 




Standard true 

Major true 

Hub overhaul front 

Hub overhaul rear

Install tubular tire

Hub adjustment 


Brake adjust

Bleed hydraulic disc brake 

Install/bleed hydraulic brake

True brake rotor

Shifter repair (flush and lube)

Install aero bar with shifters

Wrap tape on drop bars

Wrap tape on drop bars + aero bars

Install new cable and housing (derailleur or brake)


Pedal swap/install



Training wheel

Front or rear derailleur


Freewheel or cassette

Tubeless setup (per wheel)

Suspension fork 

Tube or tire

Tube or tire—off bike

Cycling computer

Cadence computer 


Assemble and tune bike out of box 

Box bike for shipping 

Bike fitting