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We carry bikes from these great brands. Stop in to see what’s in stock and take a test ride.

We have a large fleet of Giant bicycles for mountain, road, cyclocross and for casual rides. We can help you get fitted for you next Trance, Stance, Anthem, XTC, Fathom, Yukon, Reign, Talon, Revolt, Toughroad, TCX, Defy, TCR or many other models. 

This line of bikes from Giant is designed specifically for women. We have a full selection of road, gravel, mountain and casual bikes we can get you fitted for—including the Avail, Langma, Avow, Brava, Invite, Pique, Hail, and Embolden. Come talk to us to have us help pick the best match.

Pivot has a full range of mountain and gravel bikes. Whether you’re looking for the Firebird’s major suspension travel, or more of an XC/trail/enduro bike like the Trail 429, we can point you in the right direction. There are many models to consider—Mach 4, LES Fatbike, Phoenix, Vault…or even the Shuttle for an eBike option. 

Surly is a Minnesota based bike company that makes burly rigs that are made of steel and ready for some serious touring or long hauls. Surly is legendary for many of their bikes, like the Krampus, ECR, Long Haul Trucker, Karate Monkey, Ice Cream Truck, Pugsley, Ogre…and many other bikes that sound like ice cream flavors from Ben & Jerry’s. 

If you want to hit the BMX track, or rip up the streets, there are some great bikes from Redline that will get you there. They also have a line of adult sized BMX bikes to relive your childhood.

We also offer bikes from these brands.
Stop in and talk to us about your next new ride.


Are your knees, back or wrist sore when riding?

A bike fitting might help you identify the problem. You may need some adjustments to your riding position. Bring in your bike and have us do an assessment and make adjustments as needed.