Fox River Trail Bike Map

From the parking lot at Main Street Bicycles you can head out north towards Wisconsin, or south towards St Charles and many other destinations. Use this map to see how the bike path is connected to many other paths. There are many places to stop for a coffee, snack, meal or a drink—as well as a number of bike shops to help you fix any mechanical issues you might have. Explore this map and let us know if you have any favorite stops we should check out as well.

North: You can take it north 30 miles to the Wisconsin border. It jogs around some streets in Crystal Lake, so you might need a map to jump over to the Prarie Trail at Wingate Prarie (Terra Cotta and Lorraine). But the rest of the way to Wisconsin is pretty straight-forward. It does switch to gravel after a while, so it’s not paved the whole way.

South: It’s about 5 miles to get to downtown Elgin, and continues on through St. Charle, Geneva and Aurora.

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